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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Civil Engineering

Professor, David V. Jauregui*, Department Head

Professor, J. Phillip King*, Associate Department Head

Professors   Idriss*, Jacquez* (dean of College of Engineering), Jauregui*, Khandan, Samani*;  Associate Professors  Bandini*, Bawazir, Newtson*, Papelis; Assistant Professors  Cortes, Ray, Weldon, Xu

*Registered Professional Engineer 


website: http://ce.nmsu.edu/

Civil Engineering Course Descriptions

The curriculum in civil engineering is designed to provide a broad background and is so arranged that students may, in their senior year, specialize in one or more of the options listed or work in one or more areas of civil engineering. Students may elect to obtain more than one option in civil engineering.

The mission of the Civil Engineering Department is to offer a high quality and accredited degree that prepares our graduates for professional licensure leading to successful civil engineering careers in industry and government or for success at the graduate level. Toward this end, the Civil Engineering Department will recruit and maintain a diverse, highly skilled faculty.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

  • MAJOR: Civil Engineering
    • OPTION: Environmental
    • OPTION: General
    • OPTION: Geotechnical
    • OPTION: Structural
    • OPTION: Water Resources

MINOR: Agricultural Engineering