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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

DEGREE: Bachelor of Business Administration

MAJOR: Finance

Finance is the management of money and cash flow for business organizations, government and individuals. The study of finance involves examining the theory and techniques of managing money, including analysis and risk management. Finance students learn to apply tools and concepts from mathematics, statistics, economics and accounting to financial decision-making. With this knowledge, finance graduates are in high demand by employers and command some of the highest salaries for college graduates. Depending upon their career goals and interests, finance majors may use the electives in the major to focus their program of study on financial management, financial planning, investments, banking and/or risk management and insurance.

Every candidate for this major must fulfill the following requirements in addition to the general education common core, College of Business foundation and business core, Viewing a Wider World requirements and general electives (see above).


Major Courses (24 credits)

FIN 355Investments

3 cr.

FIN 360Financial Information Technology

3 cr.

FIN 385Analysis of Financial Markets and Institutions

3 cr.

FIN 406Theory of Financial Decisions

3 cr.

Finance electives: Four additional, upper division, finance courses numbered 310 or higher

12 cr.