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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog


Associate Professor, Christopher Brown, Department Head

Professors DeMers, Wright; Associate Professors Brown, Buenemann, Campbell; Assistant Professors Dugas; Adjunct Faculty Rango, Whitford; Professor Emeritus Czerniak

phone: (575) 646-3509
website: http://geography.nmsu.edu

Geography Course Descriptions

Program Description

The Geography Program emphasizes the interaction of humans with the environment, and the program prepares students for professional positions in the public and private sectors, as well as for graduate work. The Department offers two concentrations for the major:

  • The Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T) Concentration emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge and skills in geographic information systems and remote sensing tools and concepts;
  • The Human-Environment Relationships (HER) Concentration focuses on the analysis and interpretation of the coupled and complex interactions between people and the environment.

As detailed below, the Department also offers minors in Geography and GIS&T.The requirements for teaching fields in earth sciences are listed under the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education chapter. Note: A grade of "C-" or better is required for all courses taken for the major. Students may not take any of these courses S/U.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

  • MAJOR: Geography
    • CONCENTRATION: Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIS&T)
    • CONCENTRATION: Human/ Environment Relationships (HER)