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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Professor William Quintana, Department Head

Professors Arterburn, Eiceman, Gopalan, Herndon, Johnson, Quintana, Rayson, Smirnov, Zoski; Associate Professors Lara, Lusetti, Lyons, D. Smith; Assistant Professors Houston, Li, Maio, Yukl; Adjunct Professors Wollnik; College Professors Chinnasamy, Dunlavy, Potenza; Emeritus Professor Kuehn

phone: (575) 646-2505

website: http://www.chemistry.nmsu.edu/

Chemistry Course Descriptions

Biochemistry Course Descriptions

A degree in chemistry or biochemistry enables a student to pursue a wide variety of careers in: research, production, sales, management and teaching. These degrees are also an excellent preparation for professional studies in medicine, dentistry, forensics, veterinary science, optometry, pharmacology, pharmacy and law.

Chemistry majors who have completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree may receive American Chemical Society certification if they take one additional one-semester course which includes 1 credit of laboratory.

Students who complete a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and wish to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry must complete 3 additional upper division chemistry credits that are not counted in the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry.

All departmental and nondepartmental requirements may not be taken S/U and must earn a C- or better final grade.

This department does not have a foreign language requirement for any of its degrees.