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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Payment of Charges

By enrolling in classes at NMSU, a student makes a financial commitment to pay the tuition and fee charges associated with that enrollment. The enrollment action constitutes a financial obligation between the student and NMSU and all proceeds of this agreement will be used for education purposes and constitutes an education loan pursuant to 11 U.S.C 523(a) (8). Terms and Conditions of Course Registration are posted on the NMSU website and available in each term's registration guide. Payments can be made by mail, web, telephone, or in person at University Accounts Receivable. Cash, checks, money orders and limited types of credit cards are accepted. Term charges can be paid in full or paid by using a payment plan. For payment plan options visit the NMSU website. Fees vary based on the plan. All financial aid received must be paid towards balances owed. Additional penalty charges may be assessed for failure to make payments when due. The University reserves the right to deny a payment plan to any student who has a poor credit rating or who has been negligent in making payments to the University for previous debts. Course reservations may be cancelled if payment arrangements for past due dates are not completed by the deadlines as outlined in a term's registration guide. Academic credits, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld until all financial obligations are paid. Students are prohibited from registering for a term until all previous debts due to the University are paid in full.

Tuition Adjustments, Refunds and Forfeitures

Any student officially dropping or withdrawing from a course or courses during a term may receive tuition and fee adjustments as outlined in the current class schedule. No tuition adjustments will be made on classes of less than five weeks’ duration. Non-attendance does not constitute official course drop or withdrawal. All charges due to the University must be paid before refunds will be permitted.

In cases of academic or disciplinary suspension, eligibility for tuition adjustments will depend on the conditions of the suspension and will be entirely at the discretion of the university. Should unforeseen circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the University result in curtailing classes, closing residence facilities, or otherwise withdrawing services that are a normal function of NMSU, refunds of any nature will be at the discretion of the university administration.

Residence hall rentals and dining hall charges may be refunded in accordance with schedules adopted by these departments.

Dishonored Financial Transactions- Checks, Credit Cards, ACH Transactions

The University charges a penalty on all dishonored cash instruments. Personal checks will not be accepted from students who have had previously dishonored checks.