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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Associate Professor Dominic A. Simon, department head

Professors Thompson, Trafimow; Associate Professors Guynn, Ketelaar, Kroger, MacDonald, Madson, Marks; Assistant Professors Dolgov, Hout; Affiliated Caplan, Ogden; Emeriti Cowie, Johnston, McDonald, Stephan

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website: http://www.psych.nmsu.edu/

Psychology Course Descriptions

Students may take a major in psychology either as an area of emphasis in a liberal arts program or in preparation for further graduate education leading to professional careers in psychology. A major in psychology may be appropriate for the liberal arts student who wishes to pursue a career involving extensive social interaction and requiring solutions to people-related problems. Such careers include law, business, parenting, government, education, and management. Professional careers in psychology generally require some postbaccalaureate education. These careers include provision of clinical and counseling services, conducting research, applying research findings in industrial or government settings, and doing teaching and research in colleges and universities. Students planning to apply to graduate school are encouraged to take PSY 310, Experimental Methods I, no later than the Spring semester of their junior year.

The requirements listed below should provide an adequate exposure to psychology for the liberal arts student and a basic foundation for students seeking a career in psychology. While all majors should consult with the department’s advising center and with a faculty advisor, students wishing to prepare for a professional career in psychology are especially encouraged to work closely with an advisor, as early as possible. The advising center maintains several model programs that help prepare majors to fulfill various career goals.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts