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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Professor Stefan Zollner, department head

Professor Matthias Burkardt, undergraduate program head

Associate Professor Vassilios Papavassiliou, graduate program head

Professor Heinz Nakotte, engineering physics program head

Professors Armstrong (emeritus), Burleson (emeritus), Matthias Burkardt, Gibbs, Goedecke (emeritus), Ingraham (emeritus), Kyle (emeritus), Liefeld (emeritus), Nakotte, Ni (emeritus), Pate, Vasiliev, Zollner; Associate Professors Engelhardt, Hearn, Kanim, Kiefer, Papavassiliou, Stromberg (emeritus), Urquidi; Assistant Professors Fohtung, Wang; College Professor Burkardt; College Associate Professor DeAntonio

phone: (575) 646-3831

website: http://physics.nmsu.edu/

Physics Course Descriptions

A bachelor’s degree in physics provides the basis for careers in industry, teaching, the military, government, or for study toward advanced degrees in physics or engineering. It should also provide the skills that recipients of physics degrees have listed as among the most important in obtaining their current positions, including problem solving ability, computer skills, mathematical skills, and laboratory skills, as well as knowledge of physics.

The Physics Department requires Physics BA and Physics BS students to have some knowledge of a second language. To meet this requirement, the student must do one of the following:

  • Complete the introductory second language course sequence, 111 and 112, for any language taught at NMSU (or PORT 213; or SPAN 113 for heritage speakers). Students should enter the sequence at their proficiency level.
  • Challenge the 112 level of any second language taught at NMSU (or PORT 213; or SPAN 113 for heritage speakers).
  • Obtain college certification of completion of two years of one second language at the high school level with a grade of C- or higher in the second year level.
  • Obtain, from the head of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, certification of a working knowledge of a second language if such language is not taught at NMSU.
  • Obtain certification of a working knowledge of a Native American language from the American Indian program director.
  • Successfully complete a regular university course taught in a language other than English. A student can receive credit only once for the same course taught in two languages.
  • Pass a three-credit, upper-division course (numbered 300 or above) taught in a second language by the department of Languages and Linguistics.
  • Pass C D 375, American Sign Language II with a grade of C- or better.
  • In the case of a foreign student who is required to take the TOEFL exam, the dean will automatically waive the second language requirement.

Further information about the department may be found on the web at www.physics.nmsu.edu. All incoming (new or transfer) students must schedule an orientation meeting with the department head and/or the undergraduate program head before their first semester at NMSU. All students will be assigned a faculty advisor in the physics department to discuss course selection, career resources, internships and coops, and other topics.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

  • MAJOR: Physics
    • CONCENTRATION: Applied Optics
    • CONCENTRATION: Applied Physics
    • CONCENTRATION: Computational Physics
    • CONCENTRATION: Geophysics
    • CONCENTRATION: Materials Science

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics