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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. James R. Maupin, department head

Dr. Laura A. Williams, Women's Studies Program Director

Professors Bejarano, Maupin; Associate Professors Hamzeh; Assistant Professors Jonet; College Associate Professors Benanti; College Assistant Professors Williams

phone: (575) 646-4601

website: http://idsas.nmsu.edu/

Women's Studies Course Descriptions

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department extends New Mexico State University's reach beyond traditional academic programs to provide educational opportunities for students to meet their academic, professional, and personal learning goals. The Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers flexible degree programs in the Bachelor of Applied Studies and the Bachelor of Individualized Studies, giving students the opportunity to develop their own interdisciplinary studies program, appropriate to their unique educational and career goals.

Advising for the Bachelor of Applied Studies and Bachelor of Individualized Studies is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Visit the Arts & Sciences Advising Center website to make an appointment.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Department also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, and an Undergraduate Minor in Women's Studies. The Women's Studies Program at NMSU is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the study of women, gender, and sexuality in a global context. Classes in Women's Studies focus on women, gender and other categorical differences, multicultural learning, critical thinking and the integration of theory and practice.


Students seeking a Bachelor of Applied Studies or the Bachelor of Individualized Studies degree are encouraged to complete one or more minors offered through various NMSU colleges. A minor is designated on a transcript and consists of a minimum of 18 credits, nine of which must be upper-division. Courses required to complete a minor may be in a single department or interdepartmental, are offered through various NMSU colleges, and are subject to availability. Students seeking to complete a minor must have the minor verified, prior to graduation, by the college academic department administering the minor. Specific requirements for minors may be obtained from the academic department administering a specific minor, the academic department's college dean's office, and in the college departmental listings of this catalog. Note: BAS and BIS majors may not earn the Business Administration minor.