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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Professor Neil Harvey, department head

Professors Butler, Harvey; Associate Professor Medina; Assistant Professors Chand, Conner, Liang, Rosendorf; College Professor Seckler; Emeritus Professors Baker, Lapid, Taggart, Winn

phone:(575) 646-4936

website: http://deptofgov.nmsu.edu/

Government Course Descriptions

The study of government (political science) blends the strengths of a liberal arts education in public affairs with a preparation for careers in federal, state, and local government, in public administration and public service, in public policy analysis, in electoral politics and provides general opportunities for college graduates.

The government major program calls for a thorough preparation in the study of government as described below with the opportunity for those interested in specific careers to concentrate in one of the subfields: American government and politics, public law, public administration and policy, comparative politics, political theory and international relations.

The department also offers a supplementary major in law and society, which is supportive of law-related careers.

A government minor program involving 18 credits of course work is also offered. A subfield minor or a general minor may be selected. In addition, the department participates in an interdisciplinary minor in Contemporary Social Studies.