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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Geological Sciences

Professor Nancy J. McMillan, department head

Professors Amato, McMillan; Associate Professor Ramos; Assistant Professor ; Burgette, Hampton; College Assistant Professor Johnson; Adjunct Professors , Davis, Witcher; Emeritus Lawton, Mack

phone: (575) 646-2708

website: http://geology.nmsu.edu

Geology Course Descriptions

Students earning the BS Geology, any option, may also earn the Undergraduate Research Certificate in the Department of Geological Sciences. Completion of the Undergraduate Research Certificate includes completion of an undergraduate research project, participation in the department's undergraduate research meetings, and one of the following: 1) a senior thesis; 2) a manuscript submitted for a publication; or 3) an oral or poster presentation at a national or regional meeting. Undergraduate Research Certificates are presented at the department's annual awards ceremony.

The Department of Geological Sciences also cooperates with the Department of Physics in offering a BS degree in physics with an emphasis in geophysics. Requirements are listed in the Department of Physics section of this catalog.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

  • MAJOR: Geology
    • OPTION: Earth and Environmental Systems
    • OPTION: Earth Science Education
    • OPTION: Geological Sciences