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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Barry Thatcher, department head

Professors Burnham, Linkin, Thatcher; Associate Professors Bradburd, Cull, Garay, Greenfield,  Miller-Tomlinson, Rourke, Schirmer, Smith, Voisine, Wojahn; Assistant Professors Finley, Hoang, Lavender-Smith, Sharp-Hoskins, Stagliano, Stolte; College Professors Murrell; College Associate Professors Brown, LaTorra, Treon; College Assistant Professors Hastings, Lanier, Wells, Wilcoxon; College Instructors Conley, Gray

phone: (575) 646-3931

website: http://www.nmsu.edu/~english/

English Course Descriptions

The Department of English offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English as the cornerstone of studies in the humanities. This rich and versatile major provides students with a source of personal enrichment as well as verbal, analytical, and cultural skills that are readily adaptable to a variety of careers. The English curriculum includes courses in literature, language, creative writing, technical and professional communication, rhetoric, cultural studies, digital media and film. Our majors go on to succeed in a wide range of professions, including secondary and post-secondary education, business, government, publishing, and law. We offer four different major emphases that students can tailor to their individual needs, in (1) English, (2) Creative Writing, (3) Literature, Language, and Culture, and (4) Rhetoric, Digital Media, and Professional Communication. The department provides strong and personalized advising designed to help students reach their full academic potential and future career goals.

The department also offers minors in English, creative writing, literature, medieval and Early Modern studies, and rhetoric and professional communication. Further information about career opportunities, emphases, and minors is available from the Department of English. Students who wish to pursue English as a double major may eliminate one elective from the departmental requirements. Students are required to fulfill a second language requirement of one year. Please refer to the Arts and Sciences degree requirements for specifics.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

  • MAJOR: English
    • EMPHASIS: Creative Writing
    • EMPHASIS: English
    • EMPHASIS: Literature, Language, and Culture
    • EMPHASIS: Rhetoric, Digital Media, and Professional Communication