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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Criminal Justice

Associate Professor Carlos E. Posadas, department head

Professors Mays (Regents, Emeritus); Associate Professors  Keys, Lara, Posadas, Gregware (Emeritus); Assistant Professors Alatorre, Crowley (Emeritus), Maratea, Natividad, Tapia, Valadez Associate College Professors Corbett, Dimitrijevic, Joseph

phone: (575) 646-3316

website: http://crimjust.nmsu.edu

Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

The Department of Criminal Justice offers courses in the traditional setting as well as online. However, we do not offer a full online Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ). We offer an online Degree Completion Program. Students interested in completing the degree online need to complete at least the first two years on campus while working closely with an academic advisor.

The criminal justice degree plan is broadly interdisciplinary in nature embracing the study of the humanities, law, natural, behavioral and social sciences. The curriculum seeks to balance theoretical inquiry with applied knowledge.

Students are prepared for careers in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, work with juveniles, victim services, non- and not-for profit organizations connected and the related field of forensics. Graduates have also been successful in law school and graduate programs in the social sciences. The undergraduate major consists of at least 33 credits in the major field, 27 of which must be numbered 300 or above (excluding C J 393, Internship in Criminal Justice).

The department offers an interdisciplinary minor in Forensic Sciences and has partnered with various other departments to offer an interdisciplinary minor in child advocacy studies. Students interested in the minor should consult with the department head.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Criminal Justice