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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Professor Jon Holtzman, department head

Professors Klypin, Walterbos; Associate Professors Chanover, Churchill, Jackiewicz, Murphy; Assistant Professor McAteer; College Professors Beebe, Webber; Observatory Specialist Harrison

phone: (575) 646-4438

website: http://astronomy.nmsu.edu/

Astronomy Course Descriptions

The department offers an undergraduate astronomy minor degree, which requires 18-20 credits. The department does not offer a BS degree but encourages interested students to enroll in the physics program as a first step toward a career in astronomy. Our 100- and 300-level courses meet various university general education requirements. All students are invited to share with us this exciting area of study, through our basic and advanced undergraduate courses. The Department of Astronomy offers a graduate program leading to MS and Ph.D. degrees. Interested students should consult the Graduate School Catalog, which is available from the Graduate School or online.