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2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog


Julia Barello, department head

Professors Barello, Stevens; Associate Professor Cully, GoehringZarur; Assistant Professors Edgar, Furuhashi, Kline, Reka, Taylor; College Instructors Cole-Dorn, Fitzsimmons; Emeritus Fidler, Jaffe, Ocepek, Rose, St. Aubyn; Gallery Director Sage; Conservator Marinas

phone: (575) 646-1705

website: http://artdepartment.nmsu.edu/

Art Course Descriptions

The Department of Art provides a rigorous program for the enrichment, application, development, and appreciation of the visual arts. Students in studio develop an individual aesthetic by experimenting with and expressing visual concepts in an articulate manner. Art history students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetic and cultural issues addressed within the history of art, conducting and presenting independent research. The study of art provides an appropriate background for the pursuit of careers in studio art and art history in such areas as the visual arts, graphic design, conservation, library work, museum work, advertising, architecture and interior design, photography, crafts, cinematography, education and art therapy, publishing, theatre, set design, television, industry and business, communication, religion, management, and research in the creative and academic areas. A major in art also provides students with a broad humanistic background appropriate to preparation for advanced degrees in other fields.

Students enrolled in this department’s major(s) or minor(s) may count credits in required applied courses toward their degrees beyond the normal maximum of 9 credits allowed in the College of Arts and Sciences. Note that 9 credits need to be taken outside Art at the upper level division. However, if students change the major(s) or minor(s) or do not complete the requirements for the minor at the time of graduation, they may only count a maximum of 9 credits to the applied/occupational credits toward graduation.

DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

  • MAJOR: Art
    • EMPHASIS: Art History
    • EMPHASIS: Studio Art

DEGREE: Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • MAJOR: Art
    • EMPHASIS: Museum Conservation (79 credits)
    • EMPHASIS: Studio Art